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Originally Posted by annabellee View Post
I was the one that posted that about the bathroom break. The PP explains all I was saying about the new Buck/Vie songs (which I cherish). If people come to a FM concert expecting to hear FM, then that's what they want to hear.
isn't that somewhat artificial line in the sand though? the Eagles play Joe Walsh solo songs. i'm assuming if Sting tours with the Police, that they play some of his solo songs too. when solo songs from band members are popular casual fans don't tend to distinguish band from solo that much. and majority of FM arena audience will be casual concert goers, as you and others have been saying. they won't care, as long as it's something familiar or rocking. BuckVie songs may not be that familiar but many of them sound familiar since they are so reminiscent of FM hits of the past. if they played Too Far Gone, probably more casual audience members would enjoy it than if they play World Turning which is FM staple.

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