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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Looking at their set list objectively, the typical FM concert has about 24 songs. To break it down a bit, FM has 15 well-known hits:

Say You Love Me

Over My Head
Go Your Own Way
You Make Loving Fun
Don't Stop

Hold Me
Big Love

Seven Wonders
Little Lies

I didn't include Love in Store, Sisters of the Moon, or Family Man because they weren't big hits. Seven Wonders ranked about the same as Love in Store, but had a video that got a lot of airtime on MTV, which added more exposure.

They have at least 7 'standards,' or songs they sing virtually every tour:

The Chain
Gold Dust Woman

Silver Springs
Never Going Back Again
Second Hand News

Assuming they played all the hits and standards, that leaves two slots for deep cuts. We know they don't play every hit- Hold Me, Big Love, and Seven Wonders have been played the least, so if they left those out, that would open up 3 more slots. 12 hits +7 standards =19 songs, leaving room for 5 deep cuts. Not a lot of flexibility there

I would have to think Hold Me and Wish You Were Here might be added to the set list, since they were so well-received on the Buck/Vie tour. Angel is a good balance to Stevie's other songs. That would leave 2 songs for Lindsey. I'm sure he would pick 2 songs with long guitar solos, such as I'm So Afraid and/or Not That Funny, or two deep cuts like Tango in the Night and one other. Except for ISA and NTF, these songs would certainly qualify as deep cuts and would be a welcome addition.

My question to you guys is, are 5 deep cuts enough for us hardcore fans to pay big money to see them next year?
nice thinking!

i'd do some cuts in your "hits" list since they are not using some of them as staples live - so i bolded the ones that seems to be their "must play" - same as in your standards list.

Big Love acoustic while not played (shockingly and refreshingly!) on BuckVie tour has been a staple of live Mac shows so i don't see it going away (or making it a full-band version which would defeat it's purpose, so that's not gonna happen, and unlike most here who are [astonishingly] wishing for a full band version, i think it should be either acoustic version or not in the set).

you are missing Dreams from the hits/staples list.

that 17 staples - 6 Christine , 5 Stevie, 5 Lindsey, and the Chain. since Christine had the most hits that makes sense that she would have more "must include" songs.

so now we have 6-7 spaces - 2 each Stevie and Lindsey, and 1 Christine and if you include World Turning that has been a staple, you are done.

if we are including Hold Me which has not been performed with FM in this century but it's performed on BuckVie tour, and possibly adding World Turning which is a staple, than Christine will have 7 songs. maybe Thuink ABout Me instead of Hold Me, but they've been doing that at the last leg of the FM tour. if Christine decides not to do Everywhere or Songbird, maybe Carnival Begin can be added?

i will leave to Stevie fans to pick 2 of her deeper cuts she can do - my picks would be Angel and Sisters. if i had my way i would also drop Rhiannon and Dreams, and replace these with something more interesting of SN fans' choosing.

for Lindsey, there are many choices, imo and from what i've seen on wishlists thrown around, most FM fans are either unfamiliar or tend to overlook his FM (not to even mention solo!) work. i wish he would do What Makes You Think You're The One and Walk A Thin Line. alternatively the Ledge and Save Me A Place. or Bleed To Love Her and Murrow. Red Rover. Peacekeeper together with Christine would be nice. or Steal Your Heart Away might be interesting (although i didn't like Soundstage version). so basically real deep cuts that were performed maybe on a single FM tour. no bs like Blue Letter which used to be performed all the time or IKINW and NTF that was performed as a "seep cut" at many FM tours. or if Christine adds Carnival Begins maybe Lindsey can add On With the Show?

btw Not That Funny at 2013 was 2-3 minutes short and punky - nothing like 10 minute versions from Mirage era. it was pretty incredible, but it has been drudged out at many tours now and it's time for another Tusk LB deep cut.
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