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Originally Posted by elle View Post
Say You Will songs were played on the last 2 FM tours - Say Goodbye in 2013 and Bleed To Love Her in 2015. Lindsey almost always plays at least one SYW song, whether it's a FM tour or LB solo tour (Come and BTLH on his last solo tour).

i agree with more stuff from Tusk, not just the ones they play regularly (like Lindsey plays always the same 2 deep cuts from Tusk - Not That Funny and IKINW and ignores all others).

also love Chris' BuckVie live version of WYWH. never in a million years will i understand fans who keep calling for deep cuts and then list sonmgs heavily played on FM tours but call for Chris to drop WYWH.
LOL of course they were playing songs from SYW especially since they were promoting the songs on that album one of those tours
I am talking about TODAY with Christine back in the group. She does not know those songs. But more important for a big farewell tour, they will stick to the brand and play a relatively big variety of hits with probably only one or two deep cuts thrown in. The Mac is probably the most ritualistic band when it comes to concert sets. As HomerMcVie stated we (this board) are only 5% of the attendees at these concerts. The mass machine and big money of concert ticket buyers want ALL the hits and no obscure or deep cuts.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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