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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
I have two possible theories for the phantom Stevie voice in a couple of places on the BuckVie album.

1. Lindsey deliberately altered vocals sung by himself or by Christine to sound "like Stevie." Why would he do such a thing? Maybe as a tribute to Stevie, maybe because he thought it sounded good, or more likely, just because he can.


2. We fans are so used to hearing the three voices together, our subconscious minds fill in the missing "Stevie vocal." I personally don't hear Stevie anywhere on the album, so my question to those of you who DO hear her is: do you think you hear Christine singing anywhere on 'Say You Will'?

I think all of your points are good. I seriously doubt it would be a tribute though....not these days! But I agree it's him tweaking his own vocals.

I would add to #1 though that maybe Lindsey did it because as much as he may dislike Stevie personally, professionally her voice will always be in his head... what I mean is, she really was his first singing partner, and in all those early years her voice was soooo amazing, and she could harmonize like nobody else and they were a duo, that the sound of her harmony is just ingrained in his brain of how things should sound.

It could also be that having Stevie on a song makes it more commercial-- the more one of his or BV's songs sound like "FM" meaning all 3 of their voices, the more he may think it's likely to get more play. He knows how the business works...
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