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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
Not sure about JohnL, but some people actually attach their ego to a celebrity. So when you speak your opinion of that said celeb, you're also speaking to their ego (or lack thereof) , too. I imagine this happens a lot with Stevie fans that dress up like her or pretend to be her.

It happens a lot. I'd dealt with this somewhat when I was younger. My obsession w/ FMac wasn't appreciated by my metal friends in the 80's. And where are all those hair bands now?? hMMM? lol

I actually love Stevie's Tango work. It's different and knowing what I know now about what she was going through, I applaud the production choices Lindsey made on her work. I can hear the pain. That's a wonderful thing for me.

It's her current work that's so bland and boring to me. Doing old demos that she wrote when she was in better voice and a lot of pain. Those songs meant something to me back then. Her current versions ruin them IMO. I would much rather she do another album. No Dave Stewart, however. Maybe, work w/ LB again or Ken. If you want to have a specific sound, find a good producer that knows your strengths.
But the world is never going to agree with you, so(to me anyway) it's a pointless waste of energy, getting all up in arms over something you can't control. I mean, who cares what they think?

When I started college, I quickly realized how dorky I sounded, being a huge FM fan. So I actually walked away from them for a few years, pretending to like cool bands. lol

Well, I think everything she does now is just going through the motions. She's a rich star, with a matching ego. And she believes all her "yes men". She's become the Muhammad Ali of the bovidae family.
and Stevie Nicks was starting to lumber along like a sod-packed wheelbarrow.
And I'm David, not Homer!(we all should be able to change our name, at least once)
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