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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
WHY do you take it so personally that some people don't like Stevie?

You keep saying how much you don't like it, and that you're leaving and never coming back. Yet...

I'm seriously curious.
Not sure about JohnL, but some people actually attach their ego to a celebrity. So when you speak your opinion of that said celeb, you're also speaking to their ego (or lack thereof) , too. I imagine this happens a lot with Stevie fans that dress up like her or pretend to be her.

It happens a lot. I'd dealt with this somewhat when I was younger. My obsession w/ FMac wasn't appreciated by my metal friends in the 80's. And where are all those hair bands now?? hMMM? lol

I actually love Stevie's Tango work. It's different and knowing what I know now about what she was going through, I applaud the production choices Lindsey made on her work. I can hear the pain. That's a wonderful thing for me.

It's her current work that's so bland and boring to me. Doing old demos from a time when she was in better voice and had a lot of pain. Those songs had meant something to me. Her current versions just don't cut it, IMO. I would much rather she do another album. No Dave Stewart, however. Maybe, work w/ LB again or Ken. If you want to have a specific sound, find a good producer that knows your strengths.
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