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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
WHY do you take it so personally that some people don't like Stevie?

You keep saying how much you don't like it, and that you're leaving and never coming back. Yet...

I'm seriously curious.
I am not John but for me what I hate is *how* people talk about her, not that they do not like her. Many of you try to see just how much of an asshole you can be, who can be King or Queen Jerk. A lot of you think it is cute to one up the next one. The fact that a moderator participates in the same way does not help. It is only cute to a few.

As for John not leaving, I wrestle with the same thing. But then I think WHY should WE have to leave? We love the music --- all 5. I personally do not care for how Lindsey acts but I do not think I have ever posted anything as vile about him as people have about Stevie (I am talking me, not other fans). I don't do it because I am a naive "snowflake" as conservative bullies like to say, I don't do it because it is worthless. Tearing someone like Stevie down obviously makes a core group feel better, but in the end, it just brings negativity to this board.
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