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I'm gonna do my set in themed clusters like Lindsey and Chris are basically doing on their tour

Intro/get the crowd going with huge songs

1. The Chain
2. You make loving fun
3. Dreams
4. Eyes of the World
5. Everywhere
6. Rhiannon

Set of New Solo/BV songs

7. In my world
8. Too Far Gone
9. 24 Karot Gold

Tusk set

10. Think About Me
11. The Ledge
12. Angel
13. Tusk


14. Big Love
15. Landslide
16. Oh Daddy

Pre 75 set (longest shot here but micks Chris blues song comment gives me hope, maybe this section can be tied into A BN song

17. Why
18. Oh Well
19. Frozen Love

Main set Finale

20. Isn't it Midnight
21. Gold Dust Woman
22. Go Your Own Way


23. Blue Letter (Micks solo if he insists)
24. Don't Stop

25. Silver Springs
26. Songbird
Never Dance with the Devil

He Will Burn You Down
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