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Originally Posted by StreetAngel95 View Post
Would be happy to leave behind NGBA, Sara, Bleed To Love Her, and Gypsy. I honestly don't think Tusk or I'm So Afraid should go - they are absolute tour de forces live, and they're always played slightly differently. As with Gold Dust Woman.

While my instinct is to ask for SYW songs, because of Chris they're limited to BTLH, but I think if you balance it enough you could do:

- Isn't It Midnight
- Tango in the Night OR Caroline (Lindsey could totally find a way to rework them and transfer to stage)
- Beautiful Child
- Love In Store
- Thrown Down
- Big Love (full band, a la Go Insane 2009 which SLAYED)
- Save Me a Place
- As Long As You Follow (shot in the freaking dark. one can hope)
- Think About Me
- find a way to add Stevie to On With the Show. It's just so fitting.

and I am SO on board with adding Oh Well back. That, along with Storms and Go Insane were my highlights of Unleashed. Lindsey always crushed it!

definitely if Big Love stays it has to be the band version. He needs to let go of some of his sacred cows. For someone as innovative as he is in the studio, he needs to not be so staid live. No more of the speech that goes with it either.

Save me A Place has always been kinda bland to me...sorry... and it's charm is all about his harmonizing with himself. Not sure how that would go with the band. On a solo tour, with a lot of his pre recorded tracks stuff, I could see it.

I gotta say Love In Store is not one my personal faves; it is another song that never really gets off the ground but just kinda drones. However, the vocals are nicely done and you have cool Lindsey and especially Stevie parts to it so it could totally work live.
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