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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
Gold Dust Woman
I'm So Afraid
Big Love

Should- go's:
Silver Springs

Angel- it hasn't been worn out like the rest
Isn't it Midnight-- great Chris song and big LB solo
I don't want to know- never been done, why not?
Frozen Love-- homage to B&N before FM; was the song that hooked Mick
Oh Well- they need some homage to the band before B&N
maybe Sugar Daddy; I know some don't like it but it's fun
Seven Wonders- replace Gypsy with this
Tango - gives him a big guitar solo
Straight Back- this has such a great Stevie/Chris vocal interplay
I'd take Red Rover acoustic
It Takes Time... with Chris playing keys?
Yeah, I could go along with this- though, as others have also said I'd add NGBA to the 'Must go' list. Also not sure about Seven Wonders...wasn't it a bit lame last time they tried it? (cant remember).

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