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Interesting ideas you have there! The problem is, we all have different opinions- for me, Landslide is a must, but I'm sick of Gold Dust Woman. But FM would be smart to alternate certain songs. For example, do Rhiannon one night, and alternate it with Gold Dust Woman the next. Both are theatrical in nature and require intense vocals, so Stevie could benefit her voice if she alternated them, rather than doing both on the same night. Same thing with Lindsey- he could alternate I'm So Afraid with one of his other songs with a long guitar solo. Christine could alternate Everywhere with Little Lies. Second Hand News sounds similar to Eyes of the World, so Lindsey could alternate those. Doing this would create more room on the tour for more deep cuts.

Imagine Stevie singing Storms one night and Beautiful Child in it's place the next. Lindsey singing Save Me a Place one night and Never Going Back Again the next. If the band just alternated their set list even slightly during the tour, they could sing more deep cuts without sacrificing all the classics.
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