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Default Reasonable ways to change up the tired setlist for 2018-19 tour.

We saw that Stevie and Mick want to change it up a little bit. I think the Classic West and East setlist was perfect for those shows where they had to cater to a mass audience. But assuming they get more "die hard" fans at a Fleetwood Mac concert, I think they would appreciate a few surprises.

Lindsey: Get rid of Never Going Back Again, I'm So Afraid, Big Love, and maybe even Tusk. I'm pretty bored with these live. Possible replacements: Eyes of the World, Not That Funny, Save Me a Place, and maybe a full band version of Big Love, finally. Go Your Own Way pretty much has to stay as his signature song.

Christine: I cannot imagine ever getting rid of You Make Loving Fun, Say You Love Me, Everywhere, or Little Lies. The only replaceable setlist song of Christine's is Think About Me. I would replace that with either Hold Me, which could also be used to replace one of Lindsey's songs as well, Oh Daddy, which is kind of a dull song, in my opinion, but the "die hard" fans world appreciate it, or Over & Over, which could be used as her Tusk song. I would also love for them to play Why, although extremely unlikely.

Stevie: Like Christine, I find it very difficult to replace any of Stevie's songs. I feel like if they were to omit any of Stevie's signature Dreams, Rhiannon, Sara, Gold Dust Woman, Gypsy, Landslide, people would be upset. Personally, I could do without Landslide and Rhiannon. I would not throw Silver Springs back in either. I would definitely keep Sara and Gypsy, those are my two favorites from Stevie. I would enjoy Stand Back and Storms, Angel would be cool too. I would love Thats Alright, but like Why, extremely unlikely.

Blue Letter would be awesome. Oh Well would be cool, Frozen Love would be cool too.

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