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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
The truth of the matter is... I'm proud that Christine and Lindsey are out of the gate and doing what they are doing. This is a first!!
Some shows have tanked in some markets. Yep, they are new and nobody knows who they are.

Buckingham/McVie?? Who the hell is that??

In 2017, two older musicians (that never really had the stardom Stevie had) are doing it!!

That's brave. New album that charted beyond expectation. UK loving it.

3000k-6000k venue shows. The Greek is nearly sold out! NYC Beacon is nearly sold out. Vegas has picked up tremendously.. (it was looking bleak) WA is completely sold out. She's 74!!! (in 5 days) Like Wow!!
Wolftrap was nearly sold out too, lawn was nicely filled too, and that was one of the first shows! go DC area peeps!!
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