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Originally Posted by James89 View Post
BACK ON TOPIC. Great news! The album remains in the UK Top 20 for its 4th week on the UK albums chart, even increasing by one position to sit at #16. This is amazing! And with the current Top 100 chart featuring streaming, it makes it even more impressive that an album by people of their age can sell this well and keep up with the younger big artists . Other similar artists to them fail to do it. Even artists like Paul McCartney and Elton John have failed to stay in the Top 20 for longer than a couple of weeks over the last few years. This is very impressive and shows how the album is proving to have longevity here in the UK.

Its UK chart run and sales is as follows:

Week 1: #5 - 19,147 copies
Week 2: #10 - 10,462 copies (29,609 copies)
Week 3: #17 - 4,738 copies (34,347 copies)
Week 4: #16 - NOT AVAILABLE - approx 5,000 (>39,000 copies)
Wow! And thanks for putting us back on topic!
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