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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
It made me think if FMac carried on w/o Stevie they really could be a viable entity. I know some of you want that. But I would like a Final 5 album. Not because of sales or venue $$. I want to hear those 3 part harmonies again. This last BuckVie album is fantastic. It flows so well when I listen to it. Certainly, Stevie could add to it. If not, I hope we get another Fleetwood Mac album.

If music be the food of love, THEN PLAY ON.
I know I'm in the minority here (and I don't care ) but I also want a last FM album with the whole gang for exactly the same reasons.

But I know chances are slim so at this point I'll take what they want to give me.
"I think what you would say is that there were factions within the band that had lost their perspective. What that did was to harm the 43-year legacy that we had worked so hard to build, and that legacy was really about rising above difficulties in order to fulfill one's higher truth and one's higher destiny."
- Lindsey Buckingham, May 11, 2018.
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