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Originally Posted by James89 View Post
Great news! The album remains in the UK Top 20 for its 3rd week on the chart and it drops slightly from #10 to #17. This is very impressive and shows how the album is proving to have longevity here in the UK.

Its UK chart run and sales is as follows:

Week 1: #5 - 19,147 copies
Week 2: #10 - 10,462 copies (29,609 copies)
Week 3: #17 - 4,738 copies (34,347 copies)
I mean it's not blockbuster Rumours sales, but 35,000 people in the UK alone picked up a copy of BuckVie in just three weeks! I'd say there is definitely an interest in their music. How many new and upcoming artists would love to sell 35,000 copies of a record, let alone in just the UK?
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