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well it's clear she can't hear herself very well at all. She keeps holding her hand to her ear trying to hear, then she looks at Christine and gives a face like "I can't hear sh&t" and she holds out her arms like "wtf". She looks towards Lindsey at one point and kinda shrugs and holds her arms out and gestures in a sort of up, up, up gesture like trying to tell the sound mixers to turn up her monitors or something. She held her hand to her ear during Dreams as well, but she really can't hear herself on this one.

It's weird how Lindsey hangs back on the drum riser throughout. And Christine sings the first "she was just a wish, she was just a wish" before he comes down and stands by his mic. You can sort of hear what he says, it's one word, and he repeats it. At first it almost sounded like "b&tch" but then it's really either "which" or "witch" or "wish". He says it twice, she wags her finger at him and kisses him and walks off. Curious........

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