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Originally Posted by TrueFaith77 View Post
The reason I had/have high hopes for the success of this album is that I want Fleetwood Mac to morph into Buckingham McVie.

We now know with certainty there will never be another Fleetwood Mac album thanks to Stevie.

However, if BuckVie had been/were to be more successful this entity could give the Mac and Lindsey/Christine the incentive to continue under this new brand.

Based on these Sales, I'm betting this will be the last BuckVie album.

However, it is interesting to conceive of Mick and John supporting Christine's solo album.

Have sales ever stopped Lindsey from producing music before? I don't get the feeling he's really that in it for the money when it comes to the actual production of the album. Say You Will and most of his solo stuff are proof of that.
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