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It probably has to do hugely with streaming being counting as sales in the US. The vast majority of the audience that cares about a new album these days by Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks/Buckingham McVie etc is not the type of audience that streams things much, they purchase actual copies. But the albums that they are competing with in the charts, regardless of the audience being completely different, are the ones that get very heavily streamed, putting their sales far ahead.

Streaming being counted for Billboard 200 sales was announced at the end of November 2014, starting sometime in the next month (I remember because this was a few weeks after the Taylor Swift album came out and she was against streaming, but her album still sold insane anyways) and then expanded what types of streams, including singles, etc over the past year or two.

If we're comparing to 24 Karat Gold, that was released about a month or two before the decision about streaming, so most of Stevie's sales would not have been affected by that.

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