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Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
I'd still call 24KG a flop even if tomorrow the album peaks to #1. It's about quality. I never saw effort on 24KG. Not even love.
In practical terms, if an album went to #1, it would be considered a hit. It has nothing to do with our personal opinion of the quality of the album. I mean, plenty of 'hit' albums get bad reviews, just like plenty of 'hit' movies get bad reviews. Likewise, albums that get rave reviews might peak at #50 on Billboard. I guess it's just my opinion that a flop generally didn't meet sales expectations.

As for 24 Karat Gold, I myself hated the album, but I wouldn't say "I never saw effort on it. Not even love." If I remember correctly, and I can't double check because I sold my copy to a record store, Stevie dedicated the album to her mother's memory, who had recently died. I think Stevie said she rerecorded some of those particular demos because they were some of her mother's favorites, or something like that. So love was certainly there, even if you didn't feel it yourself.

Having said all that, even though 24 Karat Gold debuted in the top 10, it ultimately didn't sell much, so it could easily be considered a flop.
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