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Originally Posted by AncientQueen View Post
As if the U.S. charts are decisive...
Christine and Lindsey have a strong worldwide fanbase.

Buckingham McVie charting this week:
Australian Albums: 21
Belgian Albums: 13
Dutch Albums: 14
German Albums: 27
Irish Albums: 9
New Zealand Albums: 22
Norwegian Albums : 31
Scottish Albums: 2
Swedish Albums: 28
UK Albums: 5

You may want to compare that to 24KGs chart success, which you can find here:
Two comments-

1) A lot of musicians DO base their success on how the album or singles do in the US. They see that as a strong barometer of their success.

2) While I'm sure the artist is happy their album does well in other countries, as a fan, I really only care how they do in America. If they go to #1 in the UK, that's great, but I really want the artist to sell well here in the US.

Having said that, I think it's great the album hit #22 here in America. It did about what I expected and is nothing to sneeze at. Radio has changed so much since 1990 that I'm always surprised when artists like Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks hit the top 10, let alone top 20. Unfortunately, since radio isn't playing any of the singles from the album, it has already hit it's peak, but at least we got some tv performances and lots of interviews and reviews out of it.
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