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Default LB and CM album on the UK and US charts

The numbers are in!

So the album has debuted officially at #5 on the UK albums chart which is fantastic! I have to say that showing is slightly unexpected. The sales are also extremely strong on 19,147.

In the US though things are looking less rosy. According to reliable sources the album will debut at #22 on the Billboard 200 on sales of 20,443. This now includes streaming sales which account for just 454 of the sales. If the Billboard 200 still worked the way it used to without streaming, the album would be at #6 with sales of 19,989. In my opinion the Billboard 200 does not truly reflect what people are actually buying and so I think it is unfair. Anyway.

So particularly good in the UK, not so great in the US. Turns out very nearly just as many people in the UK bought the album as in the US.

And there you have it for week 1!
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