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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I was hypnotized and under a spell. That was the least of it. At age 13 I wrote a several page hand written letter to the HBO executives asking (really begging) them to re-air the Mirage concert again (after it had run its course of a month or so). Believe it or not, I received a very nice letter that was hand signed from their program director thanking me for the interest and noting how popular the concert was and it may air again. Sadly, HBO never aired the concert again and got out of the concert business. However, coicentently 2 months after my letter HBO decided to re-air the Stevie Nicks 1981 White Winged Dove concert. I believe this was to capitalize on her new Wild Heart album. But in the back of my mind, my letter came to mind. I was part happy but part frustrated. Hey guys, I may have raved about Stevie Nicks but its the wrong concert! I remember faking illness so I could skip school and watch the concert at 1pm on HBO. It was 1983 and we did not have a VCR for another year or so. So I had to get my drug anyway that I could if it involved skipping school,waking up at 2 am, or writing long letters to HBO.
This is awesome! Sounds like the dedication I would have had if I had been born back then. We definitely take our modern technologies for granted.
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