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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
What the? Pouncing on Sister? Disrespectful? For real?
I could say maybe there is something different in the translation but English is my primary language. I am curious though. How did I pounce on Sister? I did disagree with her statement that the US Festival was more important to the Mac than the HBO show. I completely disagree and I base that on viewers. People actually got tired of the Mac on HBO every other night and the concert was played like crazy for about 5 years after the show. The US Festival may have intended to be viewed but no one saw it. You cant compare it to the HBO concert.
Is that pouncing? "She deserves more respect from you" So silly and harsh. Does not everyone deserve the same amount of respect on this board?
To the other poster that said I was disrespectful is a bit odd.
We can have a disagreement, that's fine. But to say I am pouncing or disrespectful of anyone is way over the line IMHO.
So we cant disagree with a moderator?
Pretty sad if that is the case. I said nothing disrespectful in any way shape or form. I see no reason to "chill" (as one poster says) because I state my opinion.
What is next? No disagreements or contrary viewpoints? I sure hope not
No one is expected to agree with me and I welcome those who don't. But I wont call someone names or disrespectful for doing it.
See some of you have brought me down to your third grade level
Well, you post could have been read with an opinionated tone (at least in my mother language) but I don't think it deserves any further discussion, after all the written medium doesn't have a tone and it's easy to misinterpret things.

However returning to what I was trying to say, we (or at least I) were talking about the performance and what influenced it at the time, not a comparison between the hystorical importance of the Us festival and the HBO concert.
I was saying that at the time of the performance the band members, as other participants, were very unnerved by the prospect of performing before such a large crowd for such an important unprecedented event (remember that some have called it a second Woodstock) and with the prospect of world wide viewing. It's also interesting to remember that the organizer was Apple founder Steve Wozniac, who provided the best and most innovative technological solutions for that purpose. Before, during and right after the event they didn't know yet that the Us Festival wouldn't be released for years so that doesn't matter.
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