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Originally Posted by BombaySapphire3 View Post
One of the Rolling Stone reviews of one of their Rumours tour shows described her as staggering around the stage like a drunken sailor.
Yes, if I remember well it was the MSG concert review.

Originally Posted by vivfox View Post
If my lousy memory serves me right, FM were paid 1M to perform there as the headliner. Articles at that time stressed how the night before they were performing in Florida and in order to get them to appear, a cool 1M was offered for them to play.

Also, I don't understand why you are pouncing on sisternightroad. She didn't say anything out of line to you and IMHO she deserves more respect from you.
Originally Posted by BombaySapphire3 View Post
I remember a million too and I think Stevie got half that the following year for the US Festival.
Fletwood Mac were paid 500'000 Dollars that in today's currency is 1 million and something.
David Bowie the for the following year was paid 1 Million, which in today's currency must be more than 2 Millions of Dollars.

Also Viv thanks for your chivalry, it's rare to see it these days, it's just that in these cases I usually prefer to act like a lady and let such things slide because either they weren't meant to offend or, if they were, they don't deserve to be answered.

Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
That will NEVER happen on this board! (Thank god!)

It's bludgeon, or be bludgeoned!!!! Now where's my 2 x 4?
Actually you'd better hope it won't ever come down to that because you'd all be finished, I'm pretty much a great bitch in person.

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