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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
The US Festival had a huge crowd but outside the crowd no one saw it. HBO was pumped into millions of homes around the world. You had Fleetwood Mac live in concert on your TV channel. This is what hooked me as a fan. The HBO show was so much more important than the US Festival. Bands did the US Festival for the money. The Mac was paid $200k (I believe) which was an outrageous amount of money back then for one show.
The HBO special was also broadcast on VHS tape, laser disc (gosh remember them), and regular TV channels in addition to be played on MTV. I taped the concert several times on different channels over the years. I also rented the concert at the local VHS rental place (before Blockbuster). I don't think you can compare the events for audiences that viewed them. So that is understandable Stevie did not wear a tambourine on her head and they were not partying so hard like they were at the US Festival.
Actually the Us festival was filmed and was to be viewed worldwide. The fact that it didn't happen is only because afterwards some of the other bands witheld their copyrights because of money, but most of the performances were filmed and the intention was for worldwide release. Part of the second edition was even broadcasted in the Soviet Union.
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