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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I'm confused by your post. I was not comparing the importance of the gigs. I was pointing out how different the HBO Chain is with Stevie and Lindsey staring each other down. On this clip, Lindsey acts like Stevie does not even exist.
Relatively sober? I don't think so. I don't care what some link says. In these days almost every rock band played drunk and high on stage. We know that this time Mick and Stevie were losing control with their substance abuse. Stevie was so hot so she could mask it a bit more. I saw Stevie live on her solo tour only 1 year after this performance and she was so high she lost control of her performances some.
So I take any statement from her with a grain of salt claiming to be relatively sober at the US Festival. Yeah ok right
I was simply pointing out that a "put on for TV" as you mentioned should have been much more functional for them at the Us festival than the HBO show, then I said that probably they were (also) probably very unnerved by the size of the event, hence their missteps, I don't see what's confusing about it.
I am confused by the rest of your post too, I was not saying that they didn't take any drugs for the event nor the link I posted, I just posted the link to an interesting article with interviews to the Us Festivals performers that pertained to the matter, if you're not interested in reading it then you're free to do so.

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