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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Its pure rock concert greatness in excesses of the 80's. I have always said that 1982 was an end of an era for the Mac. This clip is a rock concert. Nothing like this would ever happen again. This was before back ground singers, programmed keyboards, and additional musicians. Its sloppy and spontaneous. Its rock concert goodness. Sadly today the music is precisely like the studio version because of technology and its so rehearsed. This is raw and its fantastic. The Mac was never the same again after this tour.

I agree completely! I HATE all the additional musicians now. WHO decided that it just wasn't enough, them with Ray occasionally adding an acoustic guitar?

I'd certainly guess that all the backup singers was Stevie's idea. Then I'd guess that led to more fattening.... BLECK!
and Stevie Nicks was starting to lumber along like a sod-packed wheelbarrow.
And I'm David, not Homer!(we all should be able to change our name, at least once)
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