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Nothing new to report on this topic.
Just wanted to say I've watched a fair bit of the Glasto coverage over the past few days and it's made me yearn even more for a Fleetwood Mac appearance in 2017.

Watched a bit of Muse headlining on Friday night. I respect them as a band but from the highlights I saw on TV, their performance left me a bit cold. Ditto Adele last night- I've never been a big fan of her music but I can understand why she is so popular. Her down to earth nature has always been one of her big selling points. Her between songs banter really got on my nerves last night though. Probably less keen on her now than I was before.

Overall I really think FM would storm it on the Pyramid stage. I hope, upon hope Glastonbury turns out to be part of their big celebration year.
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