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Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post
More correctly, if they did release it, would anyone bother to buy a copy? It isn't like we don't all have a bootleg copy of the damn thing.
exactly. and if just all people who consider it a cult record or whatever and have a bootleg buy it, would it still be even worth releasing it?

Originally Posted by haleyd View Post
Having a bootleg and having the actual hard copy released CD is totally different IMO! but that's also why I have every CD, vinyl, and bought a lot of them on ITunes as well of every FM, Stevie, and Lindsey album! I'm a weirdo like that lol.

But I would do almost anything for this to be released on CD. Even if there was no BN tour there would at the very least be TONS of promotion for it! And I'm here for Buckingham Nicks interviews and anything else they wanna do together!
that's probably exactly why they are NOT doing it - either one or both of them probably think just throwing it out there without a promotion would not be worth it (see point above, just a few hardcores who already have the bootleg or original vinyl would buy it!), and staging elaborate promotion for 40+ years old album seems kinda silly and they probably can't agree how to do it.
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