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Originally Posted by joe View Post
interesting. i didn't know this. actually, i don't think i've ever seen the movie and i was of age back then. do you know where this song comes on in the movie? i just looked on youtube hoping there was a clip with just that part but i didn't find anything.
I have not seen this movie since almost right after it was released on HBO or something. I used to watch it only to hear the small part of Violet and Blue and then turn it off If my memory is correct the song is played in the first half of the movie and is in some restaurant/club scene. When I first heard it in the movie I just thought it was a different version of the song and I wanted that version of the song in my collection. "Stevie's" voice sounded so different It was only many years later on some Stevie website that I read the reason why her version was not played in the movie. I just cant remember why but that explained why it did not sound like Stevie. The closing credits to the movie are on youtube and Stevie is given full credit for the song.
This is an amazing trivia question because I know of no other soundtrack song was not performed by the artist in the movie. And to let some other artist perform it is crazy. But there is a logical explanation (I think).

I am sure someone on this board knows the answer

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