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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
If I were to rank the album's based on my feelings about their effectiveness' I'd order it this way:

1. Rumours (though I prefer Fleetwood Mac instead).
2. Fleetwood Mac White Album
3. Kiln House
4. Tusk
5. Then Play On
6. Bare Trees (Kirwan's stuff is incredible here)
7. Future Games (Welch's stuff is incredible here--and the overall sound of the recording is pleasing...)
8. Mirage
9. Mystery to Me (would be higher on the list but the recording sound is too homespun and awkward).
10. Tango
11. Say You Will
12. Penguin
12.5. Fleetwood Mac in Chicago
13. Mr. Wonderful
14. Fleetwood Mac (1968)
15. Heroes (would be much higher if the songs sounded as good as they do on the FM soundboards...)
15.5. Live (1980)
16. Time
17. Behind the Mask
I love how high up you put Kiln House. I absolutely love that album.
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