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Mick has not only referred to himself as "piggy in the middle" just like in the song, but he named one of his book chapters that.

When asked about Wrong and Mick, Lindsey said,

"I used to dodge that question when it first came out, but I mean I've seen Mick since then. He's listened to it and he knows what it's about. There was a little bad blood when Mick's book came out because there were a lot of things in there that had very hard slants to me on what my contributions had been and there were a couple of things in there that were just downright not true. . . It's a tongue in cheek chiding of the generic rock type who loses his perspective and maybe acts a little inappropriately because of that. We've all known people like that and to some degree I've been there myself, so I'm laughing at myself, I'm laughing at the business and the pitfalls that people fall into."

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