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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Last night I went to youtube to check out Lindsey's Wrong video. The song is about his bitter leaving Fleetwood Mac almost making it look like he was being forced to perform or something. But there is a quick scene of him in a bathroom chugging what looks like a prescription pill bottle. I want to know is this him or is this a swipe at Stevie. The Piggy in the middle and Piggy on the cover line is classic. More code language to think of the excesses a pig enjoys.
Back to my original point... I would love a candid interview with Lindsey someday
I think there are loads of candid interviews with him around. Of course, there are probably many more with the canned answers, but I've seen plenty of gems too.

I love the Wrong video and I love Lindsey fighting the two sides of himself. But actually, that's a theme that two of his other videos have as well, Double Buckingham. I see him battling within, between what's right and what's expedient -- or WRONG.

I loved how Lindsey conceded the term Rockcock could allude to Mick and Mick said, "I'm very flattered."

As for BTM, I think one of the best things to come out of that tour and Cage is their live rendition of Isn't It Midnight. That remains a live highlight for Christine.

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