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It's the English teacher in me, but I cringe every time I see Sky's the Limit written Skies the Limit. I just can't believe that no one involved with that CD ever caught it before I came out.

OK, I'll go back to grading essays


p.s. Oh yeah, I don't think Chris's songs on this CD are as good as other Mac songs of hers, but they are certainly better than anything on In the Meantime, IMO. I think of In the Back of My Mind as their version of The Chain. I kind of like it. And Stevie's stuff is OK. I don't like any of Rick or Billy's songs except for Hard Feelings, which I somehow always pair in my mind with I'm the One from Chris's solo CD. Overall, I'd say it was a good try but also a very good example of just how necessary Lindsey is.
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