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To be completely honest, I think this album stinks. I take:

- Love Is Dangerous
- Skies The Limit
- Behind The Mask

and run. Overall, I think is really stale. Tango had pushed the production boundaries and even though it's 80's through and through, it has a fresh and identifiable production. This album just limps along.

I think the songs are pretty questionable as well. Even the four mentioned above aren't that great. Stevie was in the middle of her klonopin addiction and let's be frank, her songs on this record are crap.

Even though it said Christine "took the horns", I think this album has her worst set of songs ever. Skies The Limit is limp and barely passable, Behind The Mask is good, the rest are pretty rubbish. Especially Do You Know, which is a truly terrible number. Sorry Christine, I'm usually a huge fan of your work but the songs here are not up to scratch.

Love Is Dangerous is probably the best song on here, and the only one I'd put on a Greatest Hits. It says it was co-written with Stevie but I suspect a "Seven Wonders" situation where Stevie changed a word and got a credit. It's a good song, if a bit hillbillyish. But it's the best one on here.

The CD cover is actually atrocious as well! The picture is really weird, not sure how it "represents" the band, it makes them seem like some hillbilly country ranch band playing at the local hall for 10 dollars per night. And the frame is horrible as well, it reminds me of my grandmother's wallpaper.

So yeah overall I'm not a fan of this era at all. The band should have called it quits after release of Greatest Hits, the two new songs on that were quite good actually. By 1990 though, the band seems tired. After a promising start, I don't think the two boys ever fitted in properly. Their songs on this record aren't great either. When The Sun Goes Down further reinforces this country music which I don't like.

(And as a final note, I think The Second Time is the worst Stevie song ever. Poor Stevie sounds lifeless, droning over that horrid guitar. I remember reading that it was compared to "Landslide" at the time! HA!)
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