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Originally Posted by PoetofRhiannon View Post
He said they would not do Glastonbury while they were in the middle of a tour.
Fair enough but what Sir Mick seems to forget is that you have to be invited to play Glastonbury, especially to headline. I know that they have been asked at least three times, including this year. It doesn't run to the band's schedule - you make it fit yours because it is so lucrative.

It's a risky strategy. By the time the band deign to grace Glastonbury with their presence they may find that the invitation isn't quite so forthcoming! You can only turn someone down so many times before they stop asking...

If they've turned it down for 2016 then I hope they've committed to 2017 to show willingness to do it. The headliners are often booked that far in advance.
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