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Both Michael and Emily Eavis have confirmed that they have specifically asked Fleetwood Mac to headline several times. I have friends who work in the festival industry and apparently it is extremely unusual to make such a statement for fear of either pissing off the band or making your festival seem unpopular. Obviously they don't have that second worry so this shows just how badly they are wanted.

I hope that this was Mick trying not to give away any big announcement.

If the band don't do it this year - to capitalise on all the hype of Christine being back - then they are idiots. It's one thing to have slapdash marketing etc, which we know they're guilty of, but to continually turn down Glastonbury really shows that they either don't care about such a huge gig or, worse, just don't get how lucrative (financially and for audience exposure) this could be for them.

This is the peak time for them to do it. Seriously, Christine is loved in the UK and this event is enormous! For those who don't know, I'm from the UK so know first hand how huge the event is.

Here's why now is the time:

- They're touring so their chops are up
- They are likely to be around Europe at this time
- A well-loved British member of the band has returned
- Headline acts usually see at least a 100 - 300% bump in album sales/downloads
- This would remind the non-Ledge record buying audience just who they are (sadly this is necessary) and create anticipation for the much-teased new material
- The Eavis's have their pick of headliners. They might want them but they don't need Fleetwood Mac so they may stop asking. Nobody likes to be turned down repeatedly. They may want the band but the organisers won't be made to beg for them. By the time Fleetwood Mac deign to play the festival the organisers may say "pfft - we asked you too many times and we have people who want to be here - bye!"

For all of the above, if they don't do it this year then they may never do it, or if they do (perhaps at the time of a new album) it won't have as much impact.
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