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Originally Posted by bethelblues View Post
Unless Mick wanted to throw off fans...which I hope was the case.

This is a huge bummer. If they're not doing it, then they don't get the huge impact they could have, especially with young people, getting their music out there, music legacy. Mick himself should realize the enormous financial benefits, which he usually likes to take advantage of. I wonder who in the band in particular might have been against playing the festival. Didn't they just perform at a festival down south last year and Stevie got a bug in her mouth? So it's not like they didn't have that experience. Maybe they weren't asked?
Michael Eavis has been trying to get FM for the past couple of years- I'm sure they'd been asked. If Mick wanted to throw people off then I'm sure he would have just been vague- I don't think he'd out and out lie. Its a shame as it looked like their tour coincided nicely. I guess they just decided they'd get more money from an extra arena show or two. In the long run though a Glasto performance would have been so much more lucrative.
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