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I was going to add this to my previous post, but I'll post it separately.

There are country music stations in the UK that cater to that audience, there are also presenters like Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 who play country music, but it's not played all that much on the main UK radio stations that the average person listens to.

Taylor Swift's recent material has been far more successful in the UK than her earlier albums but even when her music was deemed country it was always country-lite. LeAnn Rimes had a big hit with How Do I Live in the 1990s, but it's more of a pop song than a country song. Her other big hits in the UK are pop songs like Can't Fight the Moonlight, I Need You and Life Goes On. Faith Hill has had a few hits in the UK, but This Kiss, Breathe and The Way You Love Me were remixed while There You'll Be, her biggest hit, is strictly pop. Then there's the awful novelty country style hits from the likes of The Woolpackers and Rednex.

Dolly Parton has only had two top 10 hits in the UK - Jolene and Islands in the Stream but she's still a household name because of her larger than life personality and many appearances on chat shows over the years. Willie Nelson has only had two charting singles and one album in the UK in his entire career. Martina McBride and Alan Jackson have had a few albums that have charted in the UK, albeit very low, but they've never had a charting single.

I can only take country music is very small doses because I find a lot of it, or least the big acts like Garth Brooks, to be awful. All of this patriotic "God bless America. The greatest country in the world! Yeehaw!" is vomit inducing. Plus the lyrics are often embarrassingly cliche and cheesy and the artwork hilariously awful.

In short: Most of the country hits that have charted in the UK over the years have been remixed or are only borderline country to begin with.
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