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Originally Posted by He's So Unusual View Post
In terms of the main UK single and album chart country music has never been very popular in the UK. The majority of the big country music stars in the US have either never charted in the UK or have only charted a few albums in their entire careers. Come on Over by Shania Twain was big in the UK back in the late 1990s/early 2000s but only because many of the singles taken from it were remixed to give them a more pop sound. Dolly Parton can sell out big venues in the UK because she's a legend who has been in the business for decades, but her most successful albums have been compilation albums as opposed to studio albums which have mostly charted low or not at all. The record buying public in the UK just haven't taken to country music like the US and Australia have. If you were to go up to the average person on the street in the UK and ask them who Kenny Chesney is, they'd probably look at you in utter bewilderment, same goes for Reba McEntire.
Yeah, exactly. It has niche appeal, certainly, and I'm sure if you asked the right people, they'd know their country music stuff, but in general only the acts which have managed to crossover into pop have become household names.
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