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Would absolutely love them to do Glastonbury. Next year would be ideal on the back of a tour and album. I'm not really sure it'll happen though. I don't think the band really quite understand the potential long term money to be made from the prominence of a Glastonbury headline appearance. I think they'd prefer a quick crash grab at another paid-up concert.

Though eFestivals is a really good site I'm not sure they are that accurate. They had Depeche Mode 'to be confirmed' at this stage last year and that came to nothing. Michael Eavis said he had the 2014 headliners booked last year but by all accounts none of them came to fruition.

(of 2015) Eavis said: "We've got three headliners already and that's without Prince. We've got some good headliners. We had an agent [for a band] yesterday on the platform by the stage watching Metallica with me, saying, 'My band want to do it next year'. I can't tell you who it was but that was done on the platform watching Metallica. It it a British artist? He's definitely British, but the band are not British any more."

Now, although that sounds like it could well be a reference to FM there are plenty of people who think he's referring to AC/DC.
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