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Originally Posted by elle View Post
i love that at the beginning of april 2013 we were discussing a possibility of the mac album release, possibly some time in 2013..... the same album we are still discussing now and has been in the meantime pushed to 2015, 2016, 2017... who knows?

meanwhile many bands, even old ones, are releasing one album every year, or if not every 2 years.

and we as FM fans think that's ok and we should be grateful and nobody should complain (it's called negativity here these days ). because that's how mac always operated. yeah they did. even their first 3 albums were not released 3 years in a row, but every 2 years, but that's still acceptable. after Tusk, their output has been dismal. yet we (majority of the people here) see that as a reason for celebration and not complaining. we say they all were always able to successfully juggle solo and mac careers.

At least this year, the conversation has shifted to the release of an album from all five! (And yes, for now I'm confident that Stevie will join the other four to record in the near future).
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