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I'm there already! I'll chain myself to the barrier of the Pyramid the whole day just to be at the front for this. I just PRAY it happens! It has to! Although when we asked Mick about it at the M&G (just a week after his comments at the IYD premiere) he seemed more negative about it. What I did think was hilarious was that he got his manager over and said 'these girls want to talk to you about glastonbury'. Their manager kind of turned it down saying they can make more money out of arena tours. I said NO WAY! At Glastonbury you would be appealing to those who are already fans and would attract young people or people who may never have listened to FM before. Not to mention the fact the performance would be broadcast across the entire UK and globally! What more do you need?! Their record sales would soar and their fan base would increase massively. Mick talked about how FM could have been bigger back in the day but they didn't have the knowledge of how to do it (at the m&g) Well, now is your chance. I told the manager to think it over and do some research.

Rant over! HA!
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