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Jo and Jensen 11-12-2001 06:11 PM

We want Fritz music!...
Javier, if you are out there:

The band sounded wonderful on Lindsey's Behind the Music! We need and want to hear more of it!!!
Thank you for the little sampling of it so far. We wish you luck in getting those tapes fixed and ready for our ears! :D

Don't you all agree on that one?!! LOL! ;)

Jo and Jensen

Little Queenie 11-12-2001 07:52 PM

Man you guys thinking along the same lines as me. I love hearing all those Fritz snippets and the nice old footage. Don't they look so 60s chic!

I think I've watched the Fritz part so many times that the songs ingrained in my head! Let's see if I dream about it since I dreamt about BTM all last night and couldn't sleep, so then I woke up and watched the first half of Linds' BTM! I love it!

C'mon Javier, pretty please...we want to hear some more FRITZ!!!! I love it!


javier 11-13-2001 10:58 PM

Fritz music anyone?
I saw Stevie at Shoreline last Sept and asked her to produce a Fritz recording. Mind you, we hadn't seen each other in 30 years. It was great seeing her. She was very positive, aware of the fan interest generated on this. I feel confident its going to happen. She said we'd sit down and discuss what specific songs would be included. Jan or Feb of 2002 we will discuss what pieces to include. Mind you, there are three noticeable Fritz eras: 1967-68, 1969, and 1970-71 (in terms of available recordings and stylistic changes).

Right now I am a little daunted by the irregularities of the Lindsey BTM. Not that I expected that Vh-1 would be fair or objective! They are rather a pom-pom for the music biz. But there were real distortions of the truth. I thought those producers had done their homework but I guess not. They let slide a lot of factual errors. One, I was never the recognized leader of Fritz. That's absurd. Two, I did not rule with "an iron fist." Everyone had a say in the band procedures and rules, including Stevie. Three, Lindsey hadn't started writing his own music yet. Four, Stevie and Lindsey were romantically paired while in Fritz, not after Fritz. and five, the practice of writing music that addressed deep, personal issues was started absolutely in Fritz. Six, S&L never came right out and told "the guys we loved" that their own experiences in L.A. had been so positive (meaning, that Olsen and other recording gatekeepers had picked them out) and that their fortunes would no longer be dictated by Fritz. The selctive recollections offered in this BTM were astounding. But in order to know all that, you'd have to know what really happened. Hopefully, some day an investigator with a mind for the truth will reveal (about the Fritz years) what up to now has been mostly caricature and distortion.

ERigby818 11-14-2001 12:35 AM


Javier, thank you very much for your fascinating post.

It sure makes you wonder what else they may have altered and fabricated. ....AND, frankly, if those folks at VH1 are on as many drugs as the rock stars they talk about.:eek:

We truly appreciate your pointing this out and sharing it with us. :)

I loved the Fritz music and look forward to hearing more. :nod:


Skylark 11-14-2001 08:11 PM

We Want Fritz Music!!!
Dear Javier Pacheco PHD.,
Greetings!!! Thanks for your participation! There sure were a lot of glaring irregularities!
Makes you wonder at their accuracy and VH1's slanted view of those days and Lindsey's life story.;)

The participants don't do the interviews together so the editors are free to embellish and twist facts as they like!Your hoping they will be friendly to you!
I wonder if Lindsey got to accept or reject those cutting remarks that were directed at him!
They were not user friendly in some instances and I felt bad for his family hearing some of the more nasty comments! Yikes!:eek:
How can VH1 go with all this stuff and take it for the truth!!! They hardly let you or Bob Aquarri comment and we really wanted to hear more about Fritz! Is Lindsey willing to release Fritz? Didn't he play bass and announced some/right?/I always thought Fritz split because Lindsey got mono and went home to rest a year where he learned to play lead guitar and record and wrote Iam So Afraid!:D

His parents seemed like good hearted folks who helped Fritz out with practicing in the garage!I remember you liked his family a lot!His Mom made you lemonade!See...I did read your comments on The Penguin!All ppl should go over and read your Q&A!

You looked well and I hope you are content with your life!:laugh:We are waiting for a Fritz cd!
Great Music is my Passion! Thanks for the Music!:) Blessings,~Sky`:)

javier 11-14-2001 09:12 PM

The facts, ma'am!
Geez, Lindsey's mono didn't cause the break-up, it was our trip to L.A.!!! We all knew what happened, we didn't need S&L to tell us, it was fairly easy to figure it out. Remember, we were a gritty San Francisco band going down to be judged by Los Angeles commercial standards! What would Keith Olsen know about SDan Francisco bands!!! He probably call Santana, the Dead and the Airplane losers too!! We fought making that trip on aesthetic and moral grounds. Dave Forest applied plenty of pressure to make us go. It was the "only chance" we had left (without telling us of Bill Graham's interest). Of course we knew who was going to come out smelling like a rose! Upon our return L&S kept the truth from us, but emotionally (after weeks of no activity) we were becoming estranged and separated form everything so as to lessen the pain. The demise was in full force.
The Vh-1 people didn't do their homework. They squandered a chance to set the record straight. But then, I guess this Fritz story deserves more time. The BTM was not the best format for revelations about Fritz. If I had the money I would put the five ex-Fritz members in a room and listening to them and between them you would get at the truth. Each would recall whatever the other forgot. I'm sure the whole truth will surface one day. But these little Vh-1 tidbits are nothing but snippets, sound bites that just like appetizers, don't fill the soul, only contribute to further cholesterol and confusion.
However, I'm very glad you folks liked the music. I told y'all it rocks!!!

BBALLGYPSY17 11-14-2001 10:27 PM

It MORE then rocked....
"IT WAS A JOY" :laugh: LOVE IT!!:D Can't WAIT till it FINALLY gets out !:nod::];) HAHAHA and your SO RIGHT about those "tidbits":laugh:


wondergirl9847 11-14-2001 10:38 PM

Puttin on the Fritz!!!!
YEAH!!! I wanna hear Fritz music too, I only heard a snippet of a song Lindsey sang, it was the first song from Fritz on BTM and I LOVED IT!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!! :blob1::blob2::blob1: Rock on, Christy

Little Queenie 11-16-2001 05:43 PM

Thanks Javier for all the clarification on Linds' BTM. I knew some things weren't right from reading your Q&A session. What do you expect from VH-1 that delayed his BTM for 10, 000 years (ok not that long but it felt like it).

Anyways I was so excited that you were able to talk to Stevie about producing a Fritz recording. I hope it happens because I know a lot of us are very interested. (geez they should just have had a Fritz BTM or you guys can go on Oprah...just kidding, then we'd get all the facts! :) )

Thanks again for showing us Fritz! Very thrilling for me at least!

And you're right... the music does ROCK!


ERigby818 11-19-2001 06:47 PM

Song titles?
If you revisit this thread...
Perhaps you could share with us the titles of the Fritz songs featured on the Lindsey BTM?
I'm curious. ;)

If anyone else knows...please share. Thanks. :)

iamstevienicks 11-20-2001 08:42 PM

A member of Fritz on the board :o

How amazingly cool :D

I like everyone would love to hear and be able to buy some 'Fritz' albums, WOW

javier 11-22-2001 03:51 PM

Fritz music
Tunecs featured were in order of appearance:

Clavinet solo in finale of "Empty Shell" (1969); Lindsey singing ("so be as good as you progressively can") on "You Don't Get Young Anymore" (1968); Stevie singing on "The Power" (1970); when the announcer mentions "Lindsey dropped out to dedicate himself to music" they are playing "Existentialist" (1970) from a live recording at Aragon High School, San Mateo; when they start talking about going to L.A. to "cut demos with Keith Olsen" they are playing one of those demos: Lindsey singing, "Louisa Joy" (later, the president of Dunhill Records would pronounce that tune "a hit."). Keith says "We kinda thought, wow that band's not that great." I can vouch that he (whom he calls "we") had already made up his mind way before that session.
At this point in the BTM Stevie says "we had to tell the guys that we loved that we had to break the band up." That is patently false. The band was already in the process of breaking up over the trip to L.A., and no, they never said anything to us, they just let things ride.
After the commercial break the last Fritz piece played was "I've Been Pretending" (1968) with Lindsey and I on vocals.

iamstevienicks 11-22-2001 04:07 PM

Cool, thanx for that Javier :)

Little Queenie 11-22-2001 04:55 PM

Yes I second that.. Thanks Javier for the song titles cause I totally thought Lindsey was singing "the wings of joy." but it's Louisa Joy. I think I need my hearing checked!


Happy THanksgiving everybody!

Skylark 11-22-2001 05:56 PM

Fritz Tunes!
Thanks Javier,
You were so kind to take your time to do that for us! I could have watched another ten minutes of interesting old Fritz footage and forgot the same old reprise of The Dance "moments" we have seen over and over!;) That was a great idea for you to give the Fritz Music segments!:) Something new to me! Thanks! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Luv,~Sky~:)

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