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Les 08-22-2001 09:30 PM

VOTE (until Aug. 27): DVD FORMAT

This first vote is to determine the format for what we’d like on the DVD release. Select just one option. An example of each format option appears below. This vote will remain open until Monday, August 27. After Monday, the option receiving the most votes will be selected. Future discussions and votes will be held to determine the exact content.

Each of these options is based upon what appears to exist in the Warner Brother’s vault. All of these will be timed to include between 90 and 120 minutes of content. We don’t have guarantees yet on what exactly we will have access to, so revisions to our wish lists may be required in the future based on the availability of the material.

If we can reach the goal of 10,000 signatures, this may result in securing the release of additional material in the future.


Option 1 – Best Of 1 Compilation. The “Best Of” compilation would consist of most or all of the band’s music videos plus a variety of “favorite” live performances through the years. The format would be something like the following with performances and videos presented chronologically. This does not have to be the final running order, but is meant as an example of what this sort of compilation would consist of:

1. Why (Capital Center ‘75 Concert) ~3:45
2. Station Man (Capital Center ’75 Concert) ~4:00
3. Rhiannon (Rosebud) 6:52
4. I’m So Afraid (Rosebud) 5:02
5. Say You Love Me (Rosebud) 3:55
6. World Turning (Midnight Special) ~6:00?
7. Go Your Own Way (Rosebud) 3:32
8. Dreams (Paris Promo) 4:19
9. You Make Loving Fun (Japan) 3:45
10. The Chain (Mirage Concert) 5:45
11. Tusk (video) 3:30
12. Sara (Tusk Doc) 4:08
13. Not That Funny (Tusk Doc) 2:10
14. Sisters of the Moon (Mirage) 7:45
15. Hold Me (video) 3:57
16. Gypsy (video) 4:12
17. Eyes of the World (Mirage) 3:45
18. Little Lies (video) 3:34
19. Seven Wonders (video) 3:38
20. Big Love (video) 3:57
21. Everywhere (video) 3:41
22. As Long As You Follow (video) 4:07
23. Save Me (video) 4:14
24. Skies the Limit (video) 3:42
25. Paper Doll (video) 3:56
26. Love Shines (video) 4:10
27. Silver Springs (Dance) 5:45
28. Bleed to Love Her (Dance) 3:14
29. Landslide (Dance) 3:50
30. Don’t Stop (The Brits) ~4:00

McVie: 12 songs
Nicks: 9 songs
Buckingham: 10 songs (incl. Station Man as “lead” singer)


Option 2 - Best Of 2 Compilation. A compilation which includes all of the ‘concept’ videos plus a variety of ‘rare’ or ‘lesser known’ performances. The format would be something like the following. This does not have to be the final running order, but is meant as an example of what this sort of compilation would consist of:

1. Tusk (vid)
2. Hold me (vid)
3. Gypsy (vid)
4. Big love (vid)
5. Seven wonders (vid)
6. Little lies (vid)
7. Everywhere (vid)
8. Family man (vid) (still under investigation)
9. As long as you follow (vid)
10. Save me (vid)
11. Skies the limit (vid)
12. In the back of my mind (vid)
13. Paper doll (vid)
14. Love shines (vid)
15. Oh well (from the first "video comp reel" on the Warners vault list)
16. World turning (Midnight special)
17. Isn't it midnight (Video comp reel)
18. Rhiannon (Midnight special)
19. You make loving fun (Rosebud)
20. I'm so afraid (Rosebud)
21. Dreams (Paris promo)
22. Sara ("4:00" is what it's listed as on the vault list)
23. Songbird (3 reels)
24. Oh Diane (from the story of (billed on the list as The FM story")
25. The Chain (3 reels)
26. Say you love me (Rosebud)
27. Gold dust woman (3 reels)
28. Go your own way (Brit awards)
29. Don't stop (Brit awards)

McVie: 13 songs (incl. World Turning)
Nicks: 7 songs
Buckingham: 8 songs (depending upon the availability of the “Family Man” video)
Green: 1 song
Burnette: 1 song


Option 3 - Live Concert(s). This option would consist of a few live concerts in their entirety (IF we can find out when they were filmed, what they contain, how long they are, etc...). This option is perhaps the hardest to predict because of the generic names and lack of description given to what purports to be “concert” footage on the Warner Brother’s vault list. For example:

Fleetwood Mac Live
Fleetwood Mac Concert/The Company
Fleetwood Mac On Tour

Option 4 – Documentary & Videos. This option would consist of a documentary from the vaults, plus all of the music videos if time permits.

Some of the Documentaries include:
Disney’s Going Home (1993)
Fleetwood Mac at 21 (1990 or so?)
The Fleetwood Mac Story (date ?)

(Note: We’ve gotten some indication from Ken that the chances of getting the Rosebud documentary released in its entirety at this point aren’t too good.)

Option 5 - Documentary & Live Performances. This option would consist of a documentary from the vaults plus some live performances if time permits.


chiliD 08-23-2001 04:51 PM

I voted for "The Best Of"...BUT, I DO think that the Disney "Going Home" documentary should be released at some point. Its the only COMPREHENSIVE and ACCURATE history of the band that exists to my knowledge. (the VH-1 "Behind The Music" is WORTHLESS...discounts any incarnation beyond the 1975-87 era...even disses THEIR post-Tusk accomplishments)

Les 08-24-2001 10:02 AM

On Aug. 24, the following modifications were made to the poll currently up for a vote:

The titles of the first two options in this poll have been modified at the request of a participant.

The title of Option 1 has been changed from "Best Of" to "Best Of 1." The title of Option 2 has been changed from "Alternate" to "Best of 2." There has been no change made to the content of the lists. The only changes made are to the titles of those two options.

SisterHoney 08-24-2001 09:32 PM

Videos or Documentaries on DVD or VHS
I would like to see the Best of 1 released
and I too would like to see the Disney
program released too even if its by itself.
I thought it was a great documentary. I re
corded it when it came out but have since
lost it! :(

d2brian 08-24-2001 10:22 PM

Um... IMO, I kind of find it hard to believe that people wouldn't be miffed over buying a DVD with excerpts from The Dance (best of comp #1), which even most casual fans would probably already have.


walrus 08-25-2001 03:35 AM

I agree with Brian, I wouldn't want to buy a DVD with anyting from the Dance because it already so easily accesable, I like list 1 better than 2 but would rather that the Dance vids were replaced with something else, maybe some TV Ads or other promo footage. I think one definite inclusion should be all of the Music Videos.


macfan 57 08-25-2001 06:21 AM

I voted for Best of 1, but I agree with the last 2 posts. I would think most who have signed the petition probably already have the Dance on video or DVD. Maybe something not easily available like something from Japan or Tusk, maybe even Mirage. I'll still be satisfied with whatever everybody decides.

wetcamelfood 08-25-2001 07:19 AM

Les, just a question, given that the opinions of the last few people are similar to mine that it's not so much the songs that are included on "best of 1" that are of an objection but the "previously commercially released, factory made, already owned" versions that are included that are in question, Would it be OK if on the 28th when the voting is over if list one does get the vote, could we at least put up a vote on those Dance/Mirage/Tusk video versions to see if the majority of people do in fact want those versions to stand or if they are happy with the songs but may want other versions etc.? Maybe something like

option 1 - want same versions as per list
option 2 - don't want dance verions but do want all others
option 3 - songs are fine but different versions of all 8 in question (if possible that is, believe me, I tried to find them on the list and couldn't find different versions for "Sisters of the moon" etc. At least we could cut down on them if nothing else)
option 4 - other (please specify below)

or whatever? I realize that "The dance" is the only one that has been released on DVD but as there are many people that still deal in VHS I think it's still fair to include Mirage & Tusk into the equasion. Besides, just the same as the rules of the current vote apply, if the people were only referring to "The Dance" then they can choose "option 2" from my proposed voting idea here and whatever gets the most votes will be the content. You could add other options like "only take out Mirage stuff", "Only take out Tusk doc stuff" etc. if you want but I don't honestly think many people will vote that way. It seems it would most likely be just people want the content as it is to stand, or they don't want any of those 8 (even though I know this is probably impossible due to the limited footage available on the list but as a I say, at least those could/may be cut down on if options 2 or 3 (or 4 depending on what the "other" ideas are) win the proposed vote), or that they don't want "Dance" excepts but do want Mirage/Tusk doc ones, etc. Obviously my wording isn't too good but just so you get the general idea of what we are talking about. Would this be an acceptable vote to post on the 28th if "best of 1" is voted in?


ThePenguin 08-25-2001 08:07 AM


The quality of DVD is vastly superior to that of VHS; I think anyone who has seen them side by side would agree. I just did an analysis of a petition database dump from a few days ago and of the 1707 names in that file, 1428 of them (83.6%) requested it in DVD format. I'm sure information like this would be taken into account to decide if there even would be a VHS release. The Tusk Documentary and Mirage were never released on DVD and most people have 2nd generation or worse tapes so the quality cannot compare.

After this vote, if list #1 is selected, I'd suggest *one* more vote to get a final setlist which perhaps could contain the three Dance songs or replacements. As this is a "Best Of" it follows them through the years and the Dance concert was a huge event; if you are just watching the DVD from start to finish it makes for nice continuity.

People have been signing a petition that states 10-12 songs; I cannot imagine that anyone would be particularly upset if the final release ended up being 30 songs (instead of 10-12) which includes 3 that they already have. They are still getting 15 to 17 more songs than what they signed up for at the same price, not even counting the three from the Dance.

I'm most concerned about just getting this voting all wrapped up. It should happen ASAP! We are now 10 days or so into the petition and have only collected about 20% of the required names. Once we have an actual list we can go on an advertising blitz and try to get the rest. Some people might even be interested in handing out fliers at the SN concerts to get the word out. If we take very long to vote with multiple polls and it takes even longer to get the 10,000 names, I would think it would greatly diminish the chances of *any* release even happening.

- Marty

Gypsyblue 08-25-2001 11:37 AM

Will Ken ( or someone)help us clearfiy what's exactly on the "Vaults" list?
Some of the things on there are vague due to the lack of description.

d2brian 08-25-2001 03:08 PM

I was thinking maybe some stuff that could be swapped in for the Dance footage would include the In The Back Of My Mind video (which is oddly absent from list 1), and maybe something like Isn't It Midnight or the TV Ads from the vault list.

Also, should the videos be in chronological order? 'Cause Little Lies is listed first, and it wasn't the first of the Tango videos.


Karen 08-25-2001 04:48 PM

Count me in for Best of 1. I tried to vote using the poll format, but I keep getting a "running script" error.

I agree with Marty. I already have the original Mirage VHS, but I certainly wouldn't mind having a DVD version of the Mirage songs on the list (unless they release the whole concert on DVD).

I also agree that the "Best of" compilation should contain the Dance songs, for the sake of continuity. My first Mac CD was "Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits." I've bought every one of their CD's since that time. In other words, shouldn't we also be thinking about future Mac fans and what they will like? As a Mac fan, I'm already hooked and will take anything that is released from the options listed above. What about the average music-lover who has never seen the Dance video or DVD? I realise that this proposal is intended for the fans, but it sure would be nice to have additional releases of material from the vault. We can increase our chances by releasing a "Best of" DVD that will also please the average music consumer. That's IF we get 10,000 signatures and a high return on the DVD sales.

Would any of the Mac online sites be willing to post a link to the petition? How about the band sections for VH1, MTV, & Rolling Stone online?

Gypsyblue 08-25-2001 05:19 PM

Like some one else mention before, I would really hate to leave out some rare material on the Vault list ( Like a 1975 performance of Frozen love or Rhiannon) for something on the Dance video, which is already widely available or already owned.

I think there are to many rare valuable things on that Vault list, to simply put in a performance from the Dance video just for continuity sake.

ThePenguin 08-25-2001 09:13 PM

I think we are going to have to go with what we can figure out on the posted vault list. I know some of the descriptions are, um, absent but Ken never indicated that they would start going through all of the boxes of material to see what is on each tape for this. If we get a strong showing and this first release happens and does well, maybe they could do that for a future release. I know we have several volunteers here that would go through the material for them. ;)

- Marty

wetcamelfood 08-25-2001 09:16 PM

In addition to Brian's idea that some of the videos need to be flip flopped for chronological sake, I was thinking that "Why" & "Station man" from the 75 show on "best of one" should be flip flopped too as of course "Station man" was earlier in the bands history as a song anyways.

Also like Brian was saying, If replacing the Dance stuff is considered to be a possibility on the "Best of one" list than in their place I would put the "In the back of my mind" video to at least have a songwriter's credit for a Post FM member (I mean, if we really are interested in doing a "through the years of FM" here and we were concerned about songwriters) as well as the Peter Green "Oh well" (listed in "best of 2") which would start the video as it is the oldest and it would be as least one true pre BN performance (once again trying to continue the idea of going through the years).

To not leave 1997 with only "Don't stop" from the "Brits" how about using "Go your own way" from the "Brits" too (instead of the "Rosebud" version) as I'm sure most would agree that the Brits version is much more powerful than the Rosebud version and "Rosebud" is well represented elsewhere in the list (I mean, if we do want to represent the best of performances available here)

I couldn't decide on a replacement for the third dance item (that is, if this is seriously going to be considered) I would say a toss up between the "Isn't it midnigt" video (once again as Brian suggested) or the infamous "Family man" video if it's a possibility(as this song did chart, albeit briefly) and this would keep Lindsey up to par as before with what was apparently considered to be acceptable songwriting credits numbers. Anybody like these ideas?

I do realize that by taking out the Dance stuff that this leaves Stevie two songs short but as she is represented well elsewhere on the collection, surely it can't be seen as unreasonable that the founder of the band, the Green god, should be represented by at least the one short song coupled with the Burnette tune to show as many incarnations of the band as we can, songwriting speaking. Is this fair? Those wanting the duplication still have the Mirage and Tusk stuff on there and if "Go your own way" is used from the Brits, there will be 2 songs from 1997 instead of 3 whereas if you still use the Rosebud version there will only be one. I've tried to think of how to compromise this thing and this is what I've come up with and it sounds fair to me, I just hope it does to you guys.


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