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ThePenguin 08-15-2001 08:36 PM

Warner Brothers Video Vault List!
Ok, they Faxed it to me today. It is VERY hard to read-- the font on it is probably 3 pt. I'm trying to make it out as best I can but some of it I just can't read. I'm picking out the more descriptive ones and leaving out others (like 'Live, Interview, TV spots' etc that have no additional notations)-- we aren't going to have a chance to preview the material so I don't really see a point in listing it. Some of this we recognize and have seen tapes that are generations old-- other items I've never heard of before. This is what I was able to transcribe:

  • Remote @ UC Santa Barbara
  • 20th Grammy Awards '78 (03:30)
  • Merilla 2 (?) (49:20)
  • Fleetwood Mac At 21 (48:40)
  • Christmas Message (4:09?)
  • TV Spots (Tango In The Night, GYOW, Grammy Nominations)
  • Various TV Ads
  • Fleetwood Mac Live
  • Press Key '88 (As Long As You Follow)
  • Interview (Big Love, Sara, Hold Me, Tusk, Gypsy, GYOW) (22:00)
  • 16 MM Optical Theatre Print
  • MTV Interview 3/18/87, Raw Footage
  • Rosebud Films / Remote @ Japan
  • Remote @ Hawaii / Rosebud Films
  • Fleetwood Mac On Tour (26:30)
  • FM Concert/The Company
  • Eyes (Live In LA-Visible Time Code)
  • Tusk Concert Film
  • MTV Networks Interview '92 (Part I: 48:43, Part II: 33:55)
  • News Spots / Promo Film (49:49)
  • Going Home (85:25)
  • Video Comp Reel (Need Your Love So Bad, Man of the World, Feels Like Crying, Linda, Oh Well, Albatross, World Turning & Interview, Rhiannon & Interview, Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way, You Make Lovin' Fun, So Afraid, Tusk, Sara, Not That Funny, Gypsy, Hold Me, Big Love, Everywhere (90:00)
  • Video Comp Reel (Gypsy, Hold Me, Big Love, Seven Wonders, Little Lies, Isn't It Midnight, Everywhere, Tusk, As Long As You Follow, Not That Funny, Save Me, Skies The Limit, In The Back Of My Mind, You Make Lovin' Fun, Sara
  • 3 Reels - Dreams, GYOW, Songbird, Chain, You Make Lovin Fun, GDW, Showbiz Today 11-92, Good Morning America 11-92 & 10-92, CNN Part 1&2, Inaugural 1-93, CBS This Morning 1-93, GMA/Today Shows 1-93/Press Conference in Virgin Store/Action News KCBS 9-95.
  • 21 Tapes of News Clips from various years from the laste 80s and 90s; includes Inaugural Gala 1/26/93
  • VH-1 "Midnight Special" - Rhiannon and World Turning
  • Paris Promo (Video Elements for Don't Stop and Dreams)
  • Wetten Das 1/23/98
  • Happy Birthday Warner Bros.
  • Wetten Das 7/28/98 - "Silver Springs"
  • Brit Awards '98
  • The Fleetwood Mac Story (65:00)
  • Special / F.Mac at 21 (49:49 ?)
  • Live w/ Interviews (31:00 and 39:00)
  • Big Love (Digital master for video) (03:57)
  • Seven Wonders (Digital master for video) (03:38)
  • Everywhere (Digital master for video) (03:41)
  • Little Lies (Digital master for video) (03:34)
  • Isn't It Midnight (5:10 ?)
  • As Long As You Follow (Dig Master for video) (04:07)
  • Save Me (Digital master for video) (04:14)
  • Skies The Limit (Digital master for video) (03:42)
  • In The Back Of My Mind (Digital master for video) (4:59 ?)
  • Paper Doll (Digital master for video) (03:56)
  • Love Shines (Digital master for video) (04:10)
  • Angel (XXXX Master [can't read it])
  • Rhiannon (7:86)
  • Dreams (4:19)
  • Go Your Own Way (Live In LA/Visible Time Code)
  • Songbird (Live In LA/Visible Time Code)
  • The Chain (Live In LA/Visible Time Code)
  • You Make Loving Fun (Live In LA/Visible Time Code)
  • Gold Dust Woman (5:50)
  • *** Next set appears to be from the Dance so is skippable. *****
  • Silver Springs (LP Vers) (5:29)
  • The Chain (LP Vers) (4:49)
  • Dreams (LP Vers) (4:10)
  • Everywhere (LP Vers) (3:29)
  • Rhiannon (LP Vers) (6:36)
  • I'm So Afraid (LP Vers) (7:26)
  • Temporary One (LP Vers) (3:07)
  • Big Love (LP Vers) (From The Dance) (2:48)
  • My Little Demon (LP Vers) (3:13)
  • You Make Loving Fun (LP Vers) (3:40)
  • Sweet Girl (LP Vers) (3:13)
  • Landslide (LP Vers) (3:50)
  • Say You Love Me (LP Vers) (3:40)
  • Bleed To Love Her (LP Vers) (3:14)
  • ***** End Dance List ******
  • Gypsy (Video Vers) (4:12)
  • Go Insane (Video Vers) (4:12)
  • Over My Head (Video Vers) (2:51)
  • Go Your Own Way (5:39)
  • Tusk (Ext Live LP Vers) (4:16)
  • Don't Stop (Ext Live Vers)
  • Songbird (Ext Live LP Vers) (from "The Dance") (are above too? list is confusing...)
  • Don't Stop (2:06)
  • TV / Blue Jean Network
  • Film (31:00) ??????
  • Promo/MTV Documentary (30:00) ????
  • TOM (??) SPAIN (??) DOCUMENTARY (60:00) (can't really read it)
  • Concert / Capitol Center '75
  • Promo/Birthday Greetings
  • Promo/MTV-On the Set "Big Love" Raw Footage (7:30)
  • Sisters of the Moon (Live in LA, visible time code)
  • Sara (4:00)
  • Tusk (3:30)
  • Not That Funny (Live in LA, visible time code) (3:56)
  • Rhiannon (3:30?) (w/ interview- 7:00)
  • I'm So Afraid (Live in LA, visible time code)
  • Hold Me (3:57)
  • Gypsy (Live in LA) (4:50)
  • Love In Store (Live in LA)
  • Tango in the Night
  • 25 Years - The Chain (Spot) (0:30)
  • Tango in the Night Video (59:00)
  • The Dance

d2brian 08-15-2001 09:08 PM

Ooh, the Tango TV spot could make for a cool little 'special feature' on the music video DVD. It'd be like a trailer for the band. :laugh:


Johnny Stew 08-16-2001 01:26 AM

If Ken wants anyone to wade thru all this footage for him, to pick out the best stuff, i'd be more than happy to volunteer.
Sure, it will be very long, tedious, and quite arduous, but hey, what can i say, i'm a generous kinda guy!

Johnny Stew

wetcamelfood 08-16-2001 03:34 PM

very cool!
I personally would prefer live performance clips (preferrably without chopping up shows) and the music vids (of course) to interviews etc. but hey, I'll go with the masses!


walrus 08-25-2001 03:27 AM

Various TV Ads sounds cool. i'm sure it looks cool too.

Would make great filler for betwwen music videos.


RoxyRockstar 08-30-2001 06:51 PM

LOL @ Johnny, you gotta share the job with me!!!!:D
I want it all!! they can'tpossibly want us to pick and choose...i could never do it. I would kill to see the entire Rosebud film from the master though!

LilyRhiannon 09-25-2002 06:44 AM

They'd probably want several opinions, don't you think? Count me in. ;)

chiliD 09-25-2002 11:22 AM


Posted by Johnny Stew
If Ken wants anyone to wade thru all this footage for him, to pick out the best stuff, i'd be more than happy to volunteer.
Sure, it will be very long, tedious, and quite arduous, but hey, what can i say, i'm a generous kinda guy!

I volunteer my services, as well. (and I nominate John "wetcamelfood" Fitzgerald to be a member of this "community action committee", as well) :)

wetcamelfood 09-26-2002 01:53 PM

Thanks ChiliD, I'm there with ya! :)


DownOnRodeo 09-29-2002 08:52 AM

Hmmm. "The Vault".
I guess they got that from talking with Elaine! They're killing independent George!!!!!!

Ah so sweet. Cryptic, but sweet! Thanks Marty.

The Chain 11-09-2003 09:10 PM

So is it for sure, we'll get this DVD?:confused:

Les 11-17-2003 07:05 PM

No, it's not for sure. It was a wishlist compiled here, but nothing official has come of it as of yet.

littlelies7 11-18-2003 12:53 AM

So much!!
For me, I would love to see anything related to "Mirage" or "Tango In the Night" on this DVD. Of course, anything related to "Tusk", "Rumours", and the White album would be jsut fine, but...

I just... got an idea!!

How about, since there is so much to choose from, there should be DVDs for all of the albums: White Album, "Rumours", "Tusk", "Mirage", and "Tango In the Night"!!

Each DVD would have the music videos and interviews (TV spots, etc.) for the said album!

This is so we don't have to press to decide what we really want.

After saying this, I still would love a music video DVD.


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