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ThePenguin 08-09-2001 10:56 PM

Please read - Possible Release of Fleetwood Mac Videos on DVD...

Ok, here's the scoop. ;) I talked with Ken Caillat both yesterday and today, and what he is suggesting is his company, 5.1 Entertainment could license music videos for release to the online fans. A lot of this is still open for discussion but some important points are:

The release would be on DVD format so the sound and video quality would be outstanding. As they were not broadcast or distributed this way before, this would be the highest quality ever released. They also would look into releasing them on VHS as well (but the quality would be less). I asked about a European release and Ken said that DVDs here should play over there as well. They are going to look into this though too.

They were thinking 10 to 12 songs, arranged perhaps like an album. I suppose the emphasis would be on music videos, but perhaps performance videos, television appearances, and such might be possible. He'd like to know what we want and then he can find out about the licensing. I inquired about the different record labels but he thinks he could probably get videos from multiple labels as they are working as a third party. This would therefore permit Fleetwood Mac material as well as solo material to be included.

Distribution would be through The Penguin; they just wrote that the DVDs would have a retail value of $24.98 plus shipping/handling costs.

One important thing, however, is that they want to make sure sufficient demand is there for something like this-- they are requesting that we collect 10,000 names and email addresses before they proceed. Obviously, that is quite a lot and greatly exceeds the population here on The Ledges! I'm suggesting we iron out the details here and then pass it along to Ken. Once everything that can be set up on his end is taken care of, then we can start to collect the names and email addresses.

I think that if this particular project goes well, it might really capture Fleetwood Mac's interest and then we could hope for subsequent releases too!

Clearly, details are all still being decided upon so any and all of this could change, but this is how it stands right now.

So please discuss. I guess it would be good to prepare a few possible setlists and then we can vote.

- Marty

Vianna 08-10-2001 12:36 AM

This is a fabulous idea=:-) Put me down for a copy-that's one!!

I'd want the Gypsy video definitely; there's a performance clip of Stevie doing Sara I'd like (I think it's on Tusk Documentary?); Lindsey's Countdown video;and there's a performance clip of Stevie doing Rhiannon I'd like - it's on the Going Home video. O ther than that anything will do-I am sure to love it.

I hope this goes over well. If we could get the band interested in us, maybe we could get some of the other things we'd like.

Marty, thank you so much for doing this for us, and I am so grateful to Ken, too-please pass that on to him..


How many people do you send the email update thing to these days? I know it was around 1600 wasn't it, a couple of years ago?

d2brian 08-10-2001 01:29 AM

Since it'd be limited to 10-12 tracks, perhaps it'd be best to put the 12 regular Fleetwood Mac videos on:

Tusk/Hold Me/Gypsy/Big Love/7 Wonders/Little Lies/Everywhere/As Long As.../Save Me/Skies The Limit/Paper Doll/Love Shines.

It'd probably satisfy the majority of the fans better than releasing specific band videos, which could probably end up being done seperately if the demand for the 1st DVD ends up being higher than anyone's imagined.

But no matter what happens, sign me up too, Marty! :nod:


Johnny Stew 08-10-2001 01:40 AM

I posted a slight variation on this list on the Rumours Forum, but it bears re-posting.
And I really do feel a Fleetwood Mac video compilation should resemble the Bruce Springsteen DVD that's currently on the market... which contains a nice mix of both "concept videos" and live clips.
(Although the songs are listed chronologically, according to album, and in the order they were released as singles [for those that were singles], i'd rather see them mix the track-listing up a little. Otherwise you'd have 5 of Christine's videos, one right after the other.)

Over My Head (Midnight Special)
Rhiannon ("Rosebud")
Say You Love Me ("Rosebud")
World Turning (Midnight Special)
Go Your Own Way ("Rosebud") (hell, the entire Rosebud documentary needs released!!!)
Dreams (live promo clip, filmed in Paris)
Don't Stop (live promo clip, filmed in Paris)
You Make Loving Fun (filmed live in Japan)
The Chain (Mirage Tour)
Sara (from the Tusk Documentary)
Not That Funny (Tusk Documentary)
Sisters Of The Moon (Mirage Tour)
Hold Me
Eyes Of The World (Mirage Tour)
Big Love
Seven Wonders
Little Lies
As Long As You Follow
Save Me
Skies The Limit
In The Back Of My Mind
Paper Doll
Love Shines
Silver Springs (from The Dance)
Bleed To Love Her (from The Dance)
Landslide (from The Dance)

I'm hoping they won't have to stick to a strict 12-track compilation... as there is SO much space on DVD, it would be a pity to use only approximately 60 minutes of it.

I also hope we're able to prove to the record company that there is enough interest in this.
Does it count that I am interested enough for about 75 people?

Johnny Stew

Johnny Stew 08-10-2001 02:08 AM

I read and then replied to this thread, and afterward I went back thru and read the other threads i hadn't had a chance to read before... only to see that Les had already posted my "wish-list" in the Music Video Compilation thread.

Sorry about the repeating of info!

Johnny Stew
(could i have said the words "read" and "thread" more???)

ThePenguin 08-10-2001 05:16 AM

Vianna-- Our list is just under 2000-- the sign up is tied to photo gallery registration and isn't therefore very visible. I've been thinking about how to change that so more people see it.

Johnny Stew-- I'm thinking it has less to do with how much space a DVD can has for material and more for how much it will cost to license the songs. If we were to send 20,000 names then I'd think they could put more songs on there but 10,000 is going to be hard enough! We're going to have to trim your list (or another list) down to 10-12 songs (probably 12 :) ). I did send yours and Brian's to them yesterday just to show them two that were posted. As I mentioned if this goes well, I'm hoping it can be the first of a series of releases and then we would get more songs.

- Marty

wetcamelfood 08-10-2001 10:28 AM

Sign me up too!
I'd tend to agree with Brian's list for the initial release as most everyone would agree that the music video compilation is much overdue then hopefully if all goes well with this we could branch out into other areas for future releases.

Marty, I say great thanks to you too! let's hope we can get it all together. Did Ken say we should still write to David May regarding the CD re-release with bonus track idea or what? (as I'm just as interested in this area as much as the DVD stuff!)


ThePenguin 08-10-2001 12:31 PM

He didn't mention that we specifically should be writing about this to David May but he did say that he told him to expect a lot of requests.

I have an idea to beef up our mailing list with more people; I'll work on that this weekend as it could facilitate the collection of email addresses from at least 10,000 people.

- Marty

DesertChildAZ 08-10-2001 06:10 PM


It is very important that you put together something that unregistered people can sign. I have several other Rock Mailing Lists that I'm on as well as other bands whose listeners highly respect Stevie & Fleetwood Mac. I'm sure they'd sign as well, but I'm not sure they are all willing to go through the trouble of registering. (I hate registering for different sites and will often abort rather than sign up.)

Let me know when you've created something, if you in fact intend to.


Kelly Anne

ThePenguin 08-10-2001 06:30 PM

Hiya Kelly Anne--

There will be no registration necessary to sign up for the list-- that's a good point you have. I found some petition software today that looks absolutely perfect for what we'll need and I'll start working on that later tonight. I've actually been spending the past couple of hours adding more questions and answers to Ken's Q&A. I could probably open up the petition for those to sign who would buy the DVD regardless of which videos are on it and then everybody else could wait until we've decided on an actual setlist here and Ken gives it the ok.

So has anyone come up with a setlist yet? I hope you are all thinking! :D

- Marty

mylittledemon 08-10-2001 07:54 PM

Hey marty
I think that's a great idea. The videos would be cool. But I am much more interested in shows like the Tusk tour documentary and the MIRAGE forum live show especially than the music videos. But the more Mac, the better. Put me down for 2 of em.



Gypsyblue 08-10-2001 09:59 PM

Thanks for putting this together!!!
Here's my wish list:

Rhiannon ( Here's a song that I KNOW there must be some live performances from the White Album tour .........I personally believe that best versions of Rhiannon done live were done on this tour.........when Stevie could hit all the high notes)

Sara ( a live performance from the Tusk Tour, is it possible to get something that has NEVER been seen from a show they did in Minnisota or some place like that???? I Think we've all seen the performance from they Tusk Documentery and also the one from Largo or Landover MD)

Gypsy ( I know there has to be other Live footage from the Mirage Tour)

Gypsy ( The Video of coarse:D )

Dreams ( From the Mirage tour)

Sisters of the Moon ( Anything live that has never been seen before)

The Chain ( From the Mirage Tour.......unrealesed performances)

These are the things I would REALLY love to see on the DVD.
I think were all mainly intererested in getting things that has never been seen or released before. I would really love to see a ledgendery peformance of Rhiannon from the White Tour, like the one from the King Biscuit Flour Hour.
Also any concert footage from the Mirage Tour that has never been seen before.

-Thanks again Marty

Gypsyblue 08-10-2001 10:09 PM


Please add my e-mail adressee to your list :

rhiannon1119 08-10-2001 10:41 PM

Marty, I think this is a great idea! Please thank Ken for even considering this and also a big thanks to you!!

I agree with Brian's list. On the other hand, Gypsyblue had some great ideas as well. It is always nice to see the regular videos, but it is even better, sometimes to see never before seen footage.....and who knows, if this is really a huge success, we could be seeing greater things in the future!!

I would buy anything that they put on DVD for Fleetwood Mac!!!

:) Michelle

Jo and Jensen 08-11-2001 10:23 AM

I like the idea of a video DVD, but I think it should be the videos from the White Album to 'Tango'. The largest fan base is the 'Rumours' lineup. So maybe it could have the
'Rhiannon' video which is live
'Go Your Own Way' (live)
'Say You Love Me' (live)
'Over My Head' (live)
'Sara' (live)
etc. until you reach the video on 'Tango'
I would really like to see a clear version of 'Paper Doll', too.


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