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Les 08-03-2001 10:26 AM

DVD Poll (great idea Brian!)
Ken Caillat's Q&A has begun. Good stuff so far! When asked what might be next for release on DVD-Audio, Ken wrote the following:

"I'd like to see all the Mac albums out in DVD-Audio. My thoughts were the "Best of Tusk' or the "Greatest Hits". It would really help me, as well as the band, if all of you could vote on what you would like to hear next in DVD-Audio. Tell us! Mirage? Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac? Tango in the Night? Buckingham Nicks? the Zoo? The problem is we can't find the multi-tracks of Buckingham/Nicks. I'll pay $$$$ if anyone can help find the tapes."

So, what do y'all think?

And if anyone's got those multi-tracks of BN out there, drop Ken a note, will ya? ;)

SoulDrifter1949 08-04-2001 09:42 PM

Hey Les!
I would definitely love it if they released a TUSK DVD-Audio!!! I had to pick that because it is my very favorite Fleetwood Mac album :nod: but I'd also love to see the others! I am absolutely LOVING the Rumours one! :wavey:

sulamith 08-05-2001 12:26 AM

I voted for "other" - I want all the music videos, and any "making of" footage and interviews that go with them. I mean ALL the videos Stevie's, Christine's, Lindsey's, The Zoo, and FM!

MelissaE 08-05-2001 09:41 AM

I agree that I'd LOVE to see all the videos on DVD, however, I think Ken was asking about DVD-Audio. That means it would have to be actual audio stuff and not something that would only be in DVD format. If he wants a poll on strictly DVD format then I'm all for getting the videos out!!!

violetmemoriez 08-05-2001 03:26 PM

just wondering...what are multi tracks??


RoxyRockstar 08-05-2001 06:01 PM

My understanding, though I am not professional, only a hobbiest, is that when an album is recorded they have a tape (track) of each intrument that is used in the song. When they put the album together they line up the tracks and combine them into one track which becomes the master tape which they cds/cassettes/vinyls are recorded from.
The multi-tracks Les is referring to is the tracks of all the different intsruments. Without them the dvd audio can not be produced.
Like in the Rumours DVD-Audio, they took each track and cleaned up all the debris and excess nosie that were picked up to give it a clear/clean sound, so when you listen to the DVD-Audio, you can really hear all the details in those songs. Things that you can't pick up off a regular CD or cassette.

Most major studios are 64-track studios or in some cases even more, which means they can produce songs with up to 64 different instruments or elements. Like one for stevie's vocals, on for chris's, on for lindseys. and then one for each back up vocal, one for each insturment line, ect.

Lori 08-06-2001 12:09 AM

Hi guys!
I myself had to vote for Fleetwood Mac (which I HOPE means the White Album). It is my absolute fave FM album, and I would love to hear it with everything re-tweaked. ;) I don't have a DVD player, but I'd be tempted to get one for that! Heck, I'm already tempted after hearing how great the Rumours dvd is! I think it would be cool if they did the White Album if they also mixed in some live tracks (hmmm...after reading Roxy's post, maybe they couldn't do that because maybe live tracks wouldn't have all the multi-track stuff :confused: ) of the other songs FM was performing live at that point, since Lindsey and Stevie were so new - like Why, Station Man, Oh Well, etc. Or maybe have some video of the live performances or something, which were so kick-ass back then with how "fresh" the group was, since they were all still getting used to each other.

If I had to make a second choice, I'd definitely go with Tusk, though not a "Tusk Greatest Hits" - I would want every song, not what was picked over...with that album, you MUST have every song. Maybe they could add that longer Sara version we've all heard so many rumours about, too.. ;)

Really enjoying Ken's Q&A!

Lori :wavey:

RoxyRockstar 08-06-2001 12:36 AM

ya know lori, i don't know if it is possible to get multi tracks from a concert sound board. I would imagine it might be a possible thing but i don't really know.I know they can control each insturment and mic but i don't think they have them set up to record seperatly.

violetmemoriez 08-06-2001 05:16 AM

ah right! I don't mind what they put on dvd-audio cuz I would love to listen to anything on it! I still have to get the rumours onw, I live in england but I have a multi region player but there is an import tax if I buy it from amazon or somewhere so I might have to just wait :)


Rumours 08-06-2001 08:48 AM

This is a tough one, while I would love Tusk or Greatest Hits or Buckingham/Nicks, I think Tango In The Night was a great album & not too much of a stink has been made about this album..........the songs are so good, the harmonies are good, I get an island somewhere in tropical, secluded paradise kind of feel when I listen to this album........I would really love to hear everything that went into these songs when they were made..........and also hear what the band members have to say about the recording process, maybe see some still shots from that time!!!! Lindsey at the end of his rope, Stevie trying to get clean, Christine in her happy place enjoying the start of a new life with her new husband--all interpreted into the music, the songwriting & instrumentation..........I think Tango or Mirage would be good I went with Tango on this poll.


chiliD 08-06-2001 10:46 AM

Ya know, I think I'd like to hear what something a bit more "vintage" would sound like.

Let's say, oh, ummmmm..."MYSTERY TO ME"??

Karen 08-06-2001 11:12 AM

"Tusk" is definately my #1 choice. My second choice would be "Tango in the Night."

I also wanted to say that Ken Caillat's Q&A has to be the best one yet! I'm really enjoying this one. Maybe it has something to do with his personality, or maybe it's just the questions that have been posted. He certainly seems like he is very down to earth and is having fun with all of this. Even his own family is having a few laughs at his expense. What a great guy! :)

-Karen :)

BBALLGYPSY17 08-06-2001 12:36 PM

As much as I LOVE B.N.......
I went for "TUSK" because I want to HEAR the KLEENEX BOXES:laugh: This will definently be THEE ALBUM to pick up all of that "Other Stuff";):]:nod:


DesertChildAZ 08-07-2001 01:44 PM

Well, it was a toss-up between "Tusk" and "Buckingham Nicks." Work on getting "Buckingham Nicks" on CD format already, geez!, and we'll worry about a DVD-Audio for it later. In the meantime, I'll vote for "Tusk".

I think the "Tusk" DVD-Audio would be ideal. Isn't it remarkable that after all these years and all the criticism surrounding the Tusk album, that it seems to be everyone's favorite afterall??? Lindsey was far ahead of his time. Stevie said once, in an interview just after the release of Tusk, that one day we would look back at Tusk and say something like "Wow, that was good!" and she was right. But I think that the DVD visual portion should only be Tusk footage (not a montage of all the eras), like perhaps the now out--of-print footage from the "Tusk Documentary" that was issued on video. They should also compile the Tusk clifftop photoshoot footage as well as other random live shots from the Tusk tour. Now, it should just be footage. The live performance music needn't follow the footage. The actual album music should play with the footage as a backdrop. But it would be nice, between songs, to have little interview clips that play only when **watching** the DVD - not when playing for audio purposes only. However, I do not even own a DVD player yet, so I don't know if you can differentiate between audio and video. But, let me tell you, put "Tusk" on DVD and I'll buy my DVD player the day the DVD is released!

Those are just some ideas! :wavey:

~ Kelly Anne
Chandler, AZ

My Website: The Wildest Hearts:

Skylark 08-07-2001 04:42 PM

Tusk...Mirage...DVD !!!
Oh, gosh, Iam so-o-o-op excited! Ken is the greatest!He sounds like a genius at work!!!
He explains everything so expertly! Iam happy to read he and Richard are also happily married !!:D
Lindsey WINS with his TUSK!!! Bravo Our Lindsey!!!

I desire TUSK & MIRAGE but I'll take any Mac they offer us on this new equipment they invented!:)
My brother is going to set up some more audio for me so I can really get the full effect!:eek: He's an electronic genius! Thanks again Fans!!! ~Sky~

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