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Norton 08-12-2017 03:30 AM

All too quiet lately
This may not be new, but its worth revisiting

BklynBlue 08-14-2017 03:05 PM

Agreed! Green’s fans are not the most “talkative” lot!
Even on the various Facebook pages (that seems to be where most people go to “talk” about the FM period and before and after –
I’ve also been blogging about different sessions and even song histories for a while now – here is one you might find interesting:
If you’d like to comment on it here, we can maybe get some others to join in

Norton 08-15-2017 03:45 AM

UK blues influences?

I followed your link
By sheer coincidence I was listening to BBC 2 radio station last night (Paul Jones) ..

Martin Hawkins joins Paul Jones to discuss his book on blues singer and harmonica player, Slim Harpo. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Slim Harpo is remembered today as one of the blues world's most influential musicians. A leading exponent of swamp blues, his songs were a unique fusion of blues, country, cajun and rockabilly. His works have also been covered on numerous recordings by bands including The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, The Who and The Doors. Plus new releases from Tom Walker and Rick Estrin & The Nightcats.

book title:- "Slim Harpo - the King Bee of Baton Rouge"

Pauls' programme goes out every Monday night at 19:00 for 1 hour.

BklynBlue 08-15-2017 02:45 PM

Thanks in return for the link to Jones’ show – I had sent him a press release shortly after I brought the book out, but (not surprisingly) I never did get a response –
I only know Hawkins through his work with Colin Escott (“Good Rockin’ Tonite” is a must read for anyone interested in Sun Records as is Peter Guralnick’s Sam Phillips bio which came out last year) – I’m looking forward to listening to the interview
The only other songs I can think of that Green covered that were similar were ‘Wine, Whisky, Women’ and ‘Ride With Your Daddy Tonight’ (with Tramp)

lazy poker 08-16-2017 02:43 AM


Originally Posted by BklynBlue (Post 1215431)
The only other songs I can think of that Green covered that were similar were ‘Wine, Whisky, Women’ and ‘Ride With Your Daddy Tonight’ (with Tramp)

i'm terribly sorry, rich, but i have to adjust a lil' bit here - "ride with your daddy tonight" was recorded by the brunning sunflower band (not tramp). but i'm pretty sure this was just a slip of the pen, wasn't it?! ;)

p.s. and PLEASE let me know when your book is available as print edition!

BklynBlue 08-17-2017 04:25 PM

You are absolutely correct: 1) he recorded the song with the Brunning Sunflower Band and 2) it was a simple error when writing (need to double check what I write before hitting "enter"

I had hoped to have the print version available already, but hit a few roadblocks
I do though believe that it will be available before the end of the this year - before Christmas - that's the goal, and I'll keep you posted on the progress - thanks for asking

Ench 08-31-2018 07:26 AM

I've just listened to In the Skies for the first time. While I don't find standout tracks like the Green written FM hits, it's a nice album with good solid tracks.

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